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Episodes season 2

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Season 2

Episode Title [Original air dateProduction

27 / 29"The New Recruits"February 7, 2009129
Cathy was turning 700 on Earth and gets excited and hopes that there will be a party. That evening, the MBC was trying to bust a monster but it got away because of Danny and Sam. The next day, 2 new recruits arrives and they quickly befriend Chris and Cathy, leaving Danny and Sam jealous. The MBC [except Cathy] and the recruits soon learn about a surprise party which will be thrown for Cathy from her grandfather. Later, Danny and Sam realise the recruits are attempting to replace them so they find a way to let Chris and Cathy realize the truth before it was too late!
28 / 26"Bubble Heads"January 15, 2009
Another single night, at the owner of the shop, the owner of the shop carry his new stuff after arrive of the vent. Suddenly a tiny size of comix land in outside the vent it was a space ship. The shop owner did notice so he carry the ship to the shop. The next morning MBC went into that shop try to see some stuff in the end Danny buy the space ship gum and they went to school. Danny a big big bubble to impress other school Mark was jealous him so he challenge him to blow big bubble and he end up embarrassed. Danny chew that gum enough and throw into the thraw can and MBC surprise that gum came to alive and try to take Singletown.
29 / 31"Me Krog You Rollins"February 14, 2009
At Singletown Middle School, everything was fine until an human-like alien pritmive caveman comes to earth and tries to take Mrs. Rollins as his loved one.
30 /32"Cloudy With A Change Of Jellynerps"February 21, 2009
It was a good afternoon, the sky was pink and Mr. Smith's garden plant was not feeling so well, including his beloved plant who Mr. Smith plays cards with him. Meanwhile at the Singletown Middle School, the MBC were going back to the club house after all the stressful lessons. Suddenly, an alien Jellyfish tris to eat every electronic device. Can the MBC stop this alien before it's too late?
31 / 33"The Destiny Puzzle"February 28, 2009
It was night on Earth, and an alien space ship came, and inside was an alien Grandpa Octovore, the wife of Grandma Octovore. He came to unload The Destiny Puzzle to Mr. Smith's garden. Next morning, the MBC try to help Mr. Smith to clean his garden. Suddenly, Chris scans the ground and the scanner found something. Cathy lifted the puzzle up to the surface and takes into the club house for more information. Eventually, the puzzle activated and told the MBC about a secret weapon hidden in the town. Now MBC have to find the weapon before Grandpa Octovore has a chance.
32 / 34"Lizard's Tail"March 04, 2009
One afternoon at the school gym, the MBC were playing basketball against each other. Suddenly, the basketball turned into an alien. It was a Reptilian Morpher, so MBC geared up to fight him. In the end, the MBC busts the alien. In school, Mr. Fusster taught the MBC and other students what an Iguana is. Afterwards in the clubhouse, Danny tried to send the bad aliens to the Galactic Authorities. Somehow, Reptilian was able to free himself and switch bodies with Danny. Now Danny must find a way to warn the MBC about Reptilian!
33 / 35"Fitness Freak"March 11, 2009
Its a great summer morning and the MBC are relaxing until they find a frozen pond and they felt suspicious. Then Wendy invites Cathy to her slumber party but Wendy's other friends don't turn up because it's getting really cold. The MBC discovers thet an eater alien called Pizmo caused the falling temperature because he doesn't want to be called lazy and he wants to be fit.. But they need Cathy to stop him so Danny goes to bring her back. There Cathy and Danny find that the machine that causing the coldness was Wendy's house and that her bed was the control system. Then Cathy and Danny together stop it.
34 / 36"The Beast WithinMarch 13, 2009
It starts with Mr.Smith giving orders to Danny, Cathy and Sam to get hold of his Rhapsodian grass. Then an alien watches Cathy from distance. At school the gang is helping Cathy to hide from Jeremy and Danny is really angry at Jeremy for following Cathy everywhere. Sam is forced to be Mark's slave. Then the beast attacks Mr.Smith and the gang(except Sam) goes for his help. Then Danny helps Cathy to stay away from Jeremy and relizes that Jeremy has been turned into the beast.
35 / 37"Frogs In SpaceMarch 16, 2009
Herptilius returns from galactic prison and seeks out the MBC for revenge. Back at the clubhouse, Sam and Cathy come with a busted alien and are told they have won a spaceship! Sam and Cathy also have pizzas delivered, but there are anchovies on the pizza, and no-one ordered anchovies. The spaceship arrives, and Sam and Cathy pick up Chris and Danny in the spaceship. But the spaceship is actually a trap set by Herptilius. John asks Sam and Chris if he can have a ride in the ship, and Sam says he can become an honorary MBC member for half an hour, so they set off. Sam, Chris, Danny and John launch into outer-space, because Cathy accidentally ate a pizza that set off an allergy that makes her stick to anything she touches. The spaceship is captured by Herptilius, and Sam, Chris, Danny and John have been cuffed. Meanwhile, Jeremy comes over to Cathy's backyard, and tries to hold hands with Cathy. Unfortunately, Cathy gets her hand stuck to Jeremy's hand whilst Mr Smith tries to find an antidote to Cathy's allergy. The frogs on the spaceship accidentally free Sam and Chris, who escape down to try and find the controls. Sam and Chris then try and send an SOS to Cathy, and Cathy shows the SOS to Mr. Smith. Sam and Chris then get re-captured. Jeremy helps Cathy out by using his 'Super Computer' to try and see what's going on in the spaceship. Cathy pretends it's a computer game and tells Jeremy she will give him a kiss on the cheek if he manages to keep the spaceship intact and manages to help Sam, Chris, Danny and John to get free of the cuffs and defeat Herptilius. John tells Sam, Chris and Danny about a video game he keeps on talking about, and that his cheats on it actually work in real life, so he is free of the handcuffs. Danny, Chris and Sam try this and become free of the handcuffs, and Cathy sends out a flashing code, which the MBC recognize. Sam then plans out a plan to break free of the beam that keeps them floating in the air, which succeeds, and Chris grabs Herptilius' staff, but then Jeremy makes the other 'unmanned spaceships' bash into the spaceship, and this knocks everybody to the ground but Danny, who whacks Herptilius with his massive 'two tonne' gun, and Sam cans him. When the MBC are back together again, Cathy gets an antidote to her allergy, and is free of Jeremy's grip. Cathy then says, "A promise is a promise" and kisses Jeremy on the cheek.
36 / 38"Sticky Situation "March 17, 2009
Gluten is now allowed to be set free by the galactic authorities, and returns to Earth to try and find Rhapsodians. Meanwhile, in science class, Wendy and Cathy have worked on a project together, and Wendy doesn't bring in some of the ingredients stating, "My dress would probably get stained" so Cathy substitutes the ingredient with her saliva, which causes a chemical eruption. Wendy gets weird spots on her face later, and when MBC find out gluten has returned to earth, they think that he's after Cathy, and Cathy says she'll be bait so that they can vacuuvate him and keep him under control. Cathy then finds that her powers have disappeared, and Gluten calls her an 'earthling' that he doesn't want. Mr. Smith examines Cathy and tells her that Rhapsodian saliva can be toxic, and he says he'll try and find an antidote, but in the meantime Cathy is going to have to be a normal earthling in the meantime. The MBC head back to school to look for a Rhapsodian and an anitdote for Cathy. Danny and Sam find out that Wendy has got Cathy's powers, and Cathy and Chris manage to find out that Cathy's powers have transferred overto whoever was standing closest to Cathy, which was Wendy. Sam and Danny try to calm her down, but she eats chocolate cake, which normal makes Cathy go hyper, and the same effect is happening to Wendy. The MBC then try and stop Wendy before Gluten finds her, but Wendy disappears because Gluten captures her. The MBC then splits up to look for Wendy and any clues as to where she is. Danny and Cathy find Wendy's designer backpack, and get a call from Chris and Sam telling them to go to the gym. Mr. Smith finds an antidote to Cathy's power-loss, telling her that she'll need to get close to Wendy again to get her powers back. Cathy goes to find Wendy, and Mr. Smith says that he'll try and bring Gluten by doing the Rhapsodian funny dance. Gluten comes and jams all the doors shut, which lock MBC out, but they find vents to get in through. Meanwhile, Cathy finds Wendy and frees her, but Wendy starts to have Cathy's powers getting out of control. Meanwhile, Gluten tries to attack Mr. Smith, but Mr. Smith has very strong powers, so he isn't easily hurt. Cathy manages to stop Wendy, and Cathy gets her powers back. Cathy goes and helps Mr. Smith defeat Gluten, who gets canned. We then see Cathy and Wendy retry their experiment with the proper chemical, and the material changes colour. Cathy then pranks Wendy by using Rhapsodian Colour Markers to make her think she's gone mad again.
37 / 39"Galaxy's Strangest CreaturesMarch 18, 2009
As people start suddenly -and quickly- to disappear without any trail left, MBC starts thinking about "Speedy" causing these losses. But "Speedy" is not the only alien who runs extremely fast, and they will discover soon enough that he is the only one who can help them!!
38 / 27"It's Not Good To Be King"February 8, 2009
The one night MBC gets peace, but suddenly a loud crash draws Chris to go out to check, thinking it to only be a garden supply drop off. Back in the clubhouse, Cathy was sick and sneezing. The next morning, one trusted alien mistakes Chris for a great Emperor and the alien's enemies try to take Chris away !!!
39 / 28"The Whole Truth"February 15, 2009
In the outer space, the alien Agar has escaped from the galactic authorities prison to earth. Meanwhile, in the club house, the galactic Commander Zeupper warn the MBC to can him no matter what it takes. Danny goes to school and works on a science project for class with Wendy. John creates a weapon that forces MBC to at first react strangely to lies, and then second, say only the the truth. Unfortunately, trouble is coming as Agar searches for the last to elements for his cloaking shield. MBC must avoid lying while trying to stop a ruthless space criminal as he invades their school.
40"Disappearing Act"May 16, 2009
Chris, Sam, and Danny's alarms go off and they go to the clubhouse. Wedge is now a magician and Danny wants to learn some magic tricks to impress Wendy. Wedge soon makes Singletown disappear!
41"Keep Your Eye on the Nebulak"May 30, 2009
The MBC have to take well care of the planet Nebulak and Mr. Smith has to make peace inside by making a house of cards. The catch is that the planet looks like a bowling ball and a egg to a ugly alien. In the end the MBC defeated the alien, but Mark was watching so they made it all seem fake. Finally Mr. Smith makes peace and gets a trophie but has to give it to Mark.
42"The Famous Four (Part 1 of 2)"June 6, 2009
After busting a relativly weak alien, the MBC are flying back to the clubhouse when Danny is suddenly sucked into an odd pink tunnel that leads back to the mountain where they just came from. Danny sees Singletown being destroyed by invading alien forces. Rushing back to the clubhouse via the pink tunnel, he tells the MBC about his sighting, but they dissmiss it after seeing Singletown safe from harm. Suddenly they discover Mark in front of the clubhouse, taunting them about the MBC. After realizing that Mark got hold of a camera that Chris used to film the first MBC traing session, the members manage to convince Mark and his friends that it was all just a game, but Mark accidentally lets loose the just recently busted alien, forcing them to battle the alien in front of Mark and his friends! One of them records it on his cell phones and spreads it around school. The MBC are instant celebrities, and eventually all of them come to enjoy their newfound fame. However, the Commander is very displeased, and shuts down the MBC because of the breach in security, and ordres Cathy and her grandfather to come back to Rhapsodia! Mr. Smith, however, is on a camping trip with Ms. Rollins, and the Commander must find him. Everything goes wrong when a fleet of warships arrive on Earth, intent on conquering it now that the MBC is disbanded. The alien warships capture the Commander. After Sam, Chris, Danny, and Cathy try but fail to save the Commander, they return to the clubhouse, where their backup weapons give it just enough power to use the computer. Cathy reveals that the odd pink tunnel that Danny was sucked into can actually transport people through time, and that what Danny saw was the future. Sam and Danny decide to head back in time and retrieve the camera before Mark does, so that their secret will remain safe and nothing will have ever happened. However, they arrive on the day that Danny was first sucked into the tunnel, when they were hunting the weak alien. Sam and Danny hide while their past selves hunt for the alien. Suddenly Sam makes a noise and the past-MBC walks towards their hiding place suspiciously.
43"The Famous Four (Part 2 of 2)"June 13, 2009

44"Here Comes the Bride"June 20, 2009

45"Dancing in the Dark"June 27, 2009

46 /"Clean Sweep"

47 /"Laugh Attack"

48 /"Gotta Dance"

49 /"The Sound of Moochie"

50 /"Silly Human Tricks"

51 /"Princess Sam"

52 /"Goodbye Earth"

Episodes season 1

24. června 2009 v 11:50 MBC archive

1 / 2"Popular Kids"June 3, 2008
When a new girl comes to town and throws a party, but "forgets" to invite the MBC, the kids grow suspicious. Cathy encounters a strange alien in the school who gives her an invitation, which only makes things worse.
Note: On Disney Channel Asia this was shown as first Episode of Monster Buster Club
2 / 1"Mindreader"June 2, 2008
Cathy's cousin Elton comes to visit. The rest of the MBC discover he is a mindreader and he uses his power to annoy and embarrass them. The MBC later find out that Pincher-Bots are after Elton and they must protect him.
Note: When it's mentioned that Cathy kissed her cousin, it's a reference to a Code Lyoko episode where Aelita kissed Odd in front of two boys, Aelita was believed by most people to be Odd's cousin, but that was only a lie to keep her in the boarding school because her father was trapped as data in a supercomputer.
3"Wrong Number"June 4, 2008
Mr. Smith is appointed a job in which he has to make peace between two planets before they go to war. He is given a galactic communicator that looks like a cell phone. Due to Chris' curiosity, he takes the communicator and loses it when he crashed into Mark and the devices get mixed up. Mark keeps getting the calls meant for Mr. Smith and insults the alien ambassador. The two planets go to war on Earth. Soon after the space ships arrive, Chris and Cathy get back the communicator and make peace between the planets.
4"Snack Time"June 5, 2008
Sam helps babysit toddler Tina for Cathy while she still has to help with the bake sale benefiting hungry whales with Chris and Danny, making her go back and forth to each job. With all the stress, Sam accidentally feeds Tina a Glusock cracker, an alien food that Pythenor Eater aliens, aka Tina shouldn't eat because it puts them on an eating rampage! Meanwhile, Chris and Danny are having trouble with Mark's Everyday Airlift Bake Sale raising money for Mark to have a helicopter. Tina gets to the school and starts eating all the bake sale goods but is momentarily stopped by a Floater Disk, but she can even eat food without touching it. Mr. Smith tells them that the only way to stop this rampage is to get the taste of Glusock out of her mouth, so they use John's "Dumdy Dum" delectable dispenser, which produces bad tasting cookies and stops the little Pythenor Eater.
5"The Trouble with Troublemaking"June 6, 2008
Cathy gets detention when she fights with Mr. Fusster about intelligent life other than humans. The detention teacher, Mr. Gluten turns out to be a glue alien! To solve this problem, Danny says to fight the alien they should all get detention, which Chris and Sam don't like because they never get detention, unlike Danny. Chris shows up the next day with a gangsta look, but still is finding trouble getting detention. Cathy and Sam look for Mr. Gluten's file and escape once they find it. At lunch, Mr. Gluten turns into the Lunch Lady and Chris and Danny call for help. When Mr. Gluten escapes, Sam tackles the real lunch lady and gets detention. At detention, Sam finds out the real Mr. Gluten is on vacation. When the Sticky attacks and tells Cathy and Sam he is recruiting alien workers and that he is gathering Rhapsodians a.k.a Cathy to work for him. Just as he is about to capture Cathy, the boys throw a stink bomb and the Sticky escapes into the forest. The MBC follow and stops him by using a Rhapsodian puzzle stick that Danny sets between two trees to trip him and knock him down. Chris hacks into the student files and clears their detentions, so that Cathy and Sam have clear student records.
6"Dog Daze"June 9, 2008
Wendy asks Danny to look after her dog named Matisse, while she is on a the trip to the mountains. In order to impress Wendy, Danny signs Matisse to behavior-correction school where Matisse is replaced with moto-dog, things start to get complicated and it's up to MBC to save Single Town from Matisse moto-clones.
7"Flower King"June 10, 2008
MBC get a new mission. They must guard The Flower King named Petalia XIII, who is in the form of a flower until ambassadors from his planet arrive. Meanwhile, Jeremy is trying to impress Cathy by presenting her a flower. He accidentally mistakes Petalia for one and kidnaps him. Now, MBC has to deal with both robots sent to capture Petalia and finding Petalia himself.
8"Battle of the Bands"June 11, 2008
Several teens in Single Town including Danny were found robbing local shops. Soon, MBC realizes that all robbers were hypnotized during the recent concert of a band called "The Flying Dutchmen". Now, Monster Buster Club must become a band to participate in upcoming concert and put an end to the hypnotic music.
9 / 10"World's Toughest Kid"June 12, 2008
MBC tries to use interplanetary transporter to send captured aliens into intergalactic prison, but they fail which results in battle with accidentally freed aliens because Danny is late since transporter scans each MBC member' eyes and only after all members are present the transportation can be completed. Meanwhile, Cathy proposes herself, with Sam's help, for a Student Council President, but both she and Danny, in matter of coolness, face opposition of new tough schoolboy, Brian Now, it is up to MBC to investigate why Brian challenges both Danny and Cathy.
10 / 9"Acting Out"June 13, 2008
In the cafe, MBC fights a lizard-like alien, who is trying to kill a stylish guy. The alien escapes, and saved guy, Stanley Caminski, turns out to be one of the galaxy's most successful superstar manager. For saving his life he explains that attacking alien was his unsuccessful competitor, whose stars aren't popular. Stanley offers MBC his assistance so they can become stars too. Everyone agrees, but Mr. Smith says no, because Monster Buster Club is a secret society and must not be revealed. However, Chris secretly calls Stanley and agrees to participate in commercials. Meanwhile, Cathy auditions for the school play, "Romeo and Juliet" and turns out to be an amazing actress, so she wins the part and must prepare for opening night. Wedge, the lizard alien, is looking to kill every superstar who works with Stanley. Now, with Cathy is too busy, and obsessed, preparing for the school play, and Chris not wanting to believe that Wedge is after him, it is up to Sam, Danny and John to find Wedge before he strikes.
11 / 13"Monster Beaters"July 14, 2008
John tries to convince MBC to allow him to join, but they reject him because he is too young. However, a new monster fighters club called "Monster Beaters" appears in Single Town and John is welcome to join them. Meanwhile, the school opens several new afterschool classes or clubs and everyone must join one of them; Sam and Danny get into knitting club; Cathy is assigned to science club; Chris forced to visit a tap dancing club. MBC soon get to the truth about the Monster Beaters - they're aliens! However, John doesn't believe Chris and continues to work with Monsters Beaters. Will MBC be able to save John from the aliens before it's too late?
12"Comic Book Heroes"July 15, 2008
Cathy and Sam are angry about seeing so few comic books about women. While a mysterious man runs out of the local comic book shop, they pursue him but he gets away. Meanwhile a strange new boy appears at their school, trying to make kids follow his orders to prepare all his comic book collection from the other planet to be stored on the Earth, making Sam follow his orders too. With Cathy busy imitating one of the comic book heroines, will MBC be able to save kids from the mysterious boy alien?
13 / 16"Statue Of Limitations"July 16, 2008
Sam volunteers to prepare a celebration of the day, when city was founded by a man named Addison Single. However, Cathy proclaims that Addison was an alien who tried to make this city for aliens! Sam refuses to believe it, but soon deep in the abandoned MBC storage beneath their clubhouse Chris accidentally activates a purple gemstone bringing the statue of Addison Single to life, which is revealed later that it is not a statue, it's the founder himself! Now MBC must stop the statue from turning all citizens into stone, while keeping them busy so that they will not notice.
Note: On Disney Channel Asia this was shown as sixteen Episode of Monster Buster Club
The title is an obvious opposite-reference to the Statue of Liberty in New York City.
14 / 17"Pipe Dreams"July 17, 2008
MBC takes a fun-ride through the underground tunnels when the pipes begin to shake, however MBC discover that roadworkers caused it, but soon these "roadworkers" turn out to be following new plans for digging new sewers. Meanwhile, Mr. Fusster takes the class sightseeing in the sewers. MBC realises that class may discover club's tunnels which intersects with the sewers. Sam decides to scare everyone off so MBC will remain undiscovered. However things get worse when the strange "roadworker" turns out to be an alien who tries to "suck" the entire town into the big prototype of MBC's tractor beam using the club's net of tunnels. Will MBC be able to stop him before he succeeds?
Note: On Disney Channel Asia this was shown as seventeen Episode of Monster Buster Club
MBC's underground net of tunnels is shown to be intersected with the sewers in several spots. The only thing that keeps more or less hidden is the holo-shield.
15 / 14"Aliens on the Fast Track"July 18, 2008
Chris has a part time job spring cleaning a shop. His boss nags him to make sure he finish or he'll be fired. Meanwhile, his friends come in to visit and suddenly their communicators detects an alien coming into the shop and the MBC try to power up, but they are not as fast as him . In only a few seconds, all items in the shop disappear and his boss nags him again and suspects that his friends stole all the items and must either get all the items back to the shop or pay for them by 6 pm or else he'll be in big trouble. A second later, Danny's video game is also stolen. Soon after that Sam, Danny and Cathy are going for a part time job try to repay the money for the stolen items, but later, all of Single town's electronic devices disappear, including the MBC container! Can MBC find this Speed Morpher alien before Singletown is in chaos?
Note: On Disney Channel Asia this was shown as thirteen Episode of Monster Buster Club
The alien featured in this episode resembles [XLR8] from Ben 10 only with a modified visor, color, and shoes.
16 / 11"Secret Santa"November 3, 2008
It is time to start a snow holiday and Chris, who loves the winter holidays, tries to figure out what kind of present he is going to get. Cathy does not know about Santa because she does not know that Earth also has snow day. Trouble comes in the form of Roy's present when it is revealed that it is a tracker planted by Dingle, an alien disguised as a Santa who is trying to bring all the kids, including Sam, to an old air container, making it look like he is trying to take the kids hostage. But afterwards, it is revealed that Dingle was just trying to get the kids to accept his presents.
Note: On Disney Channel Asia this was shown as fourteen Episode of Monster Buster Club.
17 / 15"The Bugaboos"July 22, 2008
It is a good afternoon and everyone is coming out for a walk and to study. Danny is skateboarding and showing off while Chris is working on his project, thinking he can finish before night falls. A bug scout sees everyone and Chris tries to drive him away. The bug ends up throwing him and causing an accident with Danny on the skateboard park, making Mark laugh at him. Soon, as they walk down the street, a swarm of bugs attacks MBC, Danny catches a General bug, named General Louse but the swarm continue to attack forcing them to retreat back to their club house. Cathy tells everyone that Mr. Smith is seeing Mrs. Rowlins and she thinks that she is going to get detention. On the street, they are attacked by a swarm of bugs again. After a while it reveal it was alien bug and MBC find out that their bug queen is coming to lay her eggs. Can MBC stop the queen before she arrives?
Note: On Disney Channel Asia this was shown as Fifteen Episode of Monster Buster Club.
18"The Forget-Me-Stone"September 29, 2008
One single night in the Single Town Mr Smith and his plant playing a cards game in his house when trouble, an alien called Glor Glenemore is almost in the house just not fast as when the alarm sounded and MBC find him try to stop getting him to Mr smith house but he escape, In the minutes later a transmission from the commander which you can see in episode of Wrong number, contract them for the most important thing in galaxy the forget-me-stone which must return to the commander for much greatest security to protect it for prevent be stolen matter what it take and say is that Glor Glenemore is the same as try to break Mr Smith's house and steal the stone but Mr Smith tells them that he has hidden the stone and doesn't remember where he put it, so MBC has no choice but help him and find the stone for the whole night. After not finding the forget-me-stone Danny, Cathy and Samantha are going to sleep first, Chris keeps looking for it and finally it is in the refrigerator in the Rhapsodia snack drink and Chris is throw and wash all the snack drink all the way to the below of the pipe when he finishes it he takes the stone back to the club house. Suddenly the stone actives itself and erases the memories of Chris and he went back to sleep. In the morning Samantha wakes up and is almost late for school she immediately wakes Danny and Cathy finding Chris ready for school but the situation becomes even worse when Chris shows Jeremy to the club and accidentally activates the switch to the main club house headquarters. Despite Jeremy has reveal The MBC he helps the MBC track down the Glor Glenemore that tried to steal the forget-me-stone, MBC quickly head the way and bust him down but he got the stone and escapes again but suddenly he drops it in the middle of Single Town school. School is about to start when suddenly Mark finds the stone and touches it, it erases his memories and even worse he brought to school and lets everybody in the school touch it and erase their memories. Can MBC track down Glor Glenemore and help everyone to recover their memories every people before all were turn into chaos ?
19 / 20"Camping Out"October 6, 2008
It is another single night in Single Town while the MBC is chasing a small Robotic machine, that he have steal electronic device with the car, while only halfway into the chase, their arsenal has no more power so the small Robotic machine escapes. When they're back at their club house, the power is very low and Sam shuts it off or else no more power to recover it, but it will take more than a month to recover it. She worries that there will doom if it doesn't recover in less than a week, the whole will e the alien's home. Suddenly Mr Smith invites the MBC to go camping. So they go to Rocky Mountains Hill, to find an energy flower which can restore the club in full power. The Mobato Flower which only grows every four hundred years. When it is night they rest for camping. Danny tells a ghost story and suddenly in the night a monster appears at their camping zone and eats everything in the backpack. MBC try to drive him away. In the end it freaks out and is scared away by a Rhapsodian flame bolt. In the morning, they continue their search for the flower without their gadgets, MBC has to face a great challenge: to cross the mountains and for the first time facing a dangerous Mobato mission without any weapons to protect themselves, they must overcome the upcoming monster who they have encountered last night only with their talent and skill to protect themselves. They cross mountain after mountain, they are very tired; except for Mr Smith he has a Rhapsodian air mattress. Finally, they reach the mountains which they want to claim the Mobato Flower, but the monster reaches there first and tries to claim it, MBC has no choice but to fight and distract the monster to claim the flower afterwards. The monster revealed just a paper machine with a small Robotic machine which has stolen the electronic from Single Town and tries to claim it no matter what it takes. But in the end, the MBC brings back the flower to restore MBC headquarters to normal.
20 / 19"Trick Or Treat... Or Alien"October 13, 2008
It's Halloween and all the kids in Single Town are going trick-or-treating. Mark challenges Danny to go into the haunted house alone. In the end, Danny would be the first kid inside the haunted house. When he goes inside, there are a lot of spooky things happening to him: books flying around, the wall moving itself, he goes into the room and was trapped by the sticky on the floor. He tried to escape, but it didn't work. He alerts the other MBC members to save him. While Danny is trapped inside the haunted house, Chris, Sam and Cathy are going Trick or Treating, when suddenly their communicators get a transmission from Danny. They speed their way to the haunted house to save him. Finally, they reach Danny and try to save by using arsenal to break free from the sticky, which he has hold. When suddenly the floor is alive by itself, everyone is trying to get ready for battle, but after a while it reveals itself as a giant alien pet dog named Moppy, who has been lost on earth many years ago. The aliens of the Nix pet told them about the situation, his pet puppy's space ship only arrives on Halloween for their return to their planet. If this year ends they have to wait another year and he tells the MBC that the Space ship arrives somewhere in the single people home swimming pool. So the MBC hurries up and carries Moppy, and speed their way to the space ship with the help of John they're aware of people in Single Town were see the alien's pet dog. After all a long way, they finally reach the pool, but the puppy refused to go in the space ship. So, Danny uses his skill to attract the dog to space ship, Nix is very proud of the MBC and thanks them for bringing back his pet to their space ship. He will meet them again on another Halloween and they fly back to their planet.
21"A Matter of Principals"October 20, 2008
Danny is picked to be principal for the day, and has great ideas on how to improve the school. However, an evil dinosaur-like alien pretends to be Wendy, and attacks Chris and Cathy. Meanwhile, Sam is trapped by the real Wendy, who wants to be 'Miss First Aid of Single Town Middle School' when she falls over while running after her bus!
22 / 30"Sore Winner"July 7, 2008
An game-obsessed alien (Proskar) comes to Earth, to find a game board called 'Parchugal', and the MBC find weird symbols in the ground. The alien then comes and tries to take the town square away!
23 / 22"Beware of Frogs"October 27, 2008
A mutated Earth frog (Herptilius) comes to Earth to seek vengeance on a chef that nearly cooked him years ago. Coincidentally, the chef turns out to be a replacement of Mr Fusster (Who is on holiday) for science. The MBC must stop the frog, but his invincible against anything, apart his weakness of Earth flies.
24 / 23"Outcracker's Badland Galaxy Tour"November 11, 2008
Cathy invites her favorite TV star to Earth (Outcracker), who tries to get good footage of dangerous stunts, which is disastrous. First, he tries to attack Mark with a robot Juice machine. Then, he has Wendy holding on for dear life when he takes off the bottom of her hot air balloon. Danny then jumps from the car in the air and saves Wendy the 'Old Fashioned way'. After that, he releases an army of camerabots at the satellite station. Can MBC save Single Town?
25 / 24"The End of Everything (Part 1)"December 8, 2008
The MBC have to replace Mr. Smith (as he is teaching a group of aliens how to fit in on Earth) whilst he is in an important meeting with the commander, but before that, one of them saves (Nosidda) Chris, Danny and Sam from being driven into Outer Space. One of the other aliens is always on his V-Com (Zeborg), making them all suspicious, so they take his V-Com. Cathy is then given a strange flower, and falls in love with Jeremy, but the MBC get more suspicious of the other alien. They then receive a distress call from Cathy (In alien form) and don't know who it is, so Sam and Chris go after Cathy, not knowing it is Cathy. They then see aliens not being able to morph, and realize too late that the alien really was Cathy, and now she isn't allowed back on Earth!
26 / 25"The End of Everything (Part 2)"December 8, 2008
Cathy is stuck in a container, and can't morph because of her forever flower, but doesn't want to take it off! Meanwhile, Elton comes to Earth to take Cathy's place, but Danny is definitely not want that to happen! Chris then shows them who really was behind all of this, and that's the alien that rescued them, using this to make sure he isn't spotted! The alien is really the son of Addison Single, and plans on making his father's dream come true: making Earth the perfect planet for aliens! Meanwhile, Cathy finally take off the forever flower and head back to earth to save the MBC.

Pravidlá MBC

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1.Udržať tajomstvo
2.MBC nemá vodcu
3.Vzájomne si treba pomáhať v akejkoľvek situácii
4.MBC vybavenie treba používať len na misiách!
5.Dodržiavať pravidlá!

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MBC money

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Cathy- ALIEN!!!!

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No tak toto je Cathy ako mimozemšťan v diele dávanom na jetixe menom : END OF EVERYTHING alebo KONIEC VšETKeho!!!:
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This is Cathy like an alien!!

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